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Have a sticking, foggy, chipped, or broken window? Prescott Glass & Mirror can fix it quickly and at a reasonable rate. We take pride in providing first-rate customer service and a professional approach to window repair services. All of our glaziers and service technicians are ready to provide the best glass repairs and can walk you through the steps during this unfortunate experience.

When you choose Prescott Glass & Mirror, you can trust our team of professionals to make your windows look like new again. We’re proud to offer comprehensive glass repairs that are backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

You may need window repair services if your property has:

Low-e Glass Replacement

Why Glass Replacement is Necessary

There are a number of reasons we recommend glass replacement rather than glass repair. When you contact us to discuss your  glass, we’ll evaluate each window in question. After a careful inspection, our team of glass experts will let you know if the glass panel can be repaired. If it can’t, we’ll discuss your options for window glass replacement. We’ll consider these factors when determining if you need glass replacement:

Benefits of Glass Replacement

If we do recommend glass replacement, don’t stress. Replacing your windows basically means that you’re upgrading to insulated glass that is safer, more secure, and more energy efficient. The benefits of replacing your window glass in your home or business include:

When You Should Choose Window Glass Repair

If the damage to your glass panels is minor, we will recommend glass repair. We never want to suggest that our customers buy a product or service that they can’t afford or don’t really need. We will always make a good faith attempt to consider window glass repair over replacement when your safety is not in question. We can repair window glass when:

We want to be a part of adding light into your home or business in the most efficient and cost-effective way. When it is difficult to open or close your windows, we can replace and service your window by doing our best to find the parts needed. Contact us for a consultation and inspection.

Service includes

Glass Replacement and Window Repair

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